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Municipality of Veselava


Area: 5952 hectares
Population (2002): 760
Previous name: Wesselshof (german)
Admistrative Centre Veselava


Veselava had 760 permanent inhabitants in 2002; 48 % men, 52 % women. The average population density was 12.7 persons per km2. The ethnic composition is 84 % Latvian, 8 % Russian, 2 % Byelorussian, 1.5 % Polish. The rate of unemployment is 2 %. The average valuation of land is 148 Ls per hectare, and the average agricultural land productivity is 40 balles.

There are two inhabited areas - Berzkrogs, 131 hectares, created at the crossroads of two major roads - 220 or 30 % of the population and Veselava, 46 hectares, 2.5 km towards Cesis, the historical centre of the previous manor house estate with 70 or 9 % of the population.


The municipality of Veselava of the Cesis region is situated in the central area of Latvia, in the northwestern section of the Vidzeme central hillside, 15 km from Cesis, 82 km from Riga. The closest railway stations are Araisi 12 km, Cesis 15 km. There are two major roads crossing the municipality (state highways): the highway Riga-Veclaicene and the Cesis-Madona highway, dividing the territory into four parts. The length of the internal municipal roadway system is 64 km. The surface area of the municipality is 5952 hectares; there are 2644 hectares of forests, 2652 hectares of scrub brush, 90 hectares of marshes, 97 hectares of water reservoirs including 50.4 hectares for fish ponds, 2971 hectares of agricultural land for 191farms and 320 hectares for 61 hobby farms.

The municipality has borders with those of Priekuli, Rauna, Dzerbene and Vaiva.

In the municipality, there is a gas station, an auto-repair shop, a sawmill SIA "IJA"; SIA "Berzkrogs" restaurant, hotel and sauna, SIA "Felikss" formerly "Pakodeskroga" bar, DUS "Krustkalni" cafJ , 3 grocery stores and 1 general store. Additionally, there are 2 ambulatory stores covering the municipal territory. There is one financial institution - the Veselava Credit Union. In the former Manor House, there is post office and an Internet access point.


The Veselava Credit Union was established in 1996. It provides small loans up to Ls 1500 and has 103 members. Its capital on January 1, 2001 was Ls 35,000. The chairman of the board is Aldis Zilveris.

The hunting club "Veselava" was registered in 1996, but has been in existence since 1975 with a membership of 48. The members have participated in international hunting trophy exhibitions. The president is Aivars Martinjekabs.

The Women's organization "IEVA" was founded in 1997, with a membership of 33. Its main objective is the realization of adult education and social work. Dace Kalnina is the president of this organization.


The health services are provided by the local doctor's assistant Inara Roce. Twice a month a family physician from Rauna visits the municipality. The closest medical facility is in Cesis, 15 km away.


There are several monuments of historic, architectural and natural interest in the territory of Veselava. These are the Veselava Manor House estate, the Veselava cemetery crypt, the post-horse stables in Berzkrogs, the tavern building in Berzkrogs and the Veselava park with its outdoor theatre. The monuments that merit preservation are the middle-ages cemetery near Veselava, the ancient cemetery of Lielpintuli, and the "Devil's Foot" stone near Silabuli.

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